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  • How much is an extra child if I book a weekend?

Additional children are always 25% of the booked rate

  • What happens if I cancel, have a week booked and decide I do not need you for as long as I planned?

If a client cancels mid-booking, the weekly rate then changes to the daily rate. The same goes for a client that has booked for a day and finds out they will not need the Guardian Actor for as long as they thought. The daily rate will then switch to an hourly rate. This business is ALWAYS changing last minute, so we completely understand the necessity for flexibility!

  • What must I do If I need you to be on set with my child?

To ensure the safety of your child and allow the Guardian Actor to better serve your needs, clients will sign 3 documents prior to booking. One of these is a guardian release form. Just click          to take a look at our forms page.

  • What locations do you serve?

 THEBACKSTORY serves the Los Angeles area. This includes Santa Monica, West LA, the San Fernando Valley, Downtown LA, Hollywood, and Silver Lake.  Other areas will be considered on a case by case basis.

  • Do you have referrals?

THEBACKSTORY relies on the old fashioned word-of-mouth, because your word as a parent is much more valuable than social media advertising any day.

  • Do you offer any other services?

We have been asked to run errands for the families even without the children at hand.  We are committed to going above and beyond for you including, but not limited to: grocery shopping, taking out the trash, tidying rooms, cleaning, and other miscellaneous errands.  We ask that you make it known what you love and what hard lines you do not want crossed.

  • Financially, how do you handle feeding the children and any errands I might need done?

THEBACKSTORY will turn in all receipts and any extra mileage directly related to your booking for reimbursement by you upon your return. 

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