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​​Welcome! As founder of THEBACKSTORY, I want to personally say congratulations on taking the necessary steps toward a more manageable life!

Welcome!  My name is Britt.  I was born and raised in the midwest for 20+ years. I have extensive experience as a babysitter, nanny, guardian, personal assistant and elderly assistant.  Though acting is my passion, I thoroughly enjoy helping others and working with kids. I realized I could combine the three when I met families needing help in the entertainment industry. I can't think of a better way to be a role model for the children of these families.

I started THEBACKSTORY because I realized a lot of the children in the entertainment industry have single parents out here or split families with brothers and sisters miles away!  This can be tough on the children and financially hard on the parents having to be in many places at the same time.

My job is to make everyone comfortable and everything doable.  As your hired Guardian, I come highly recommended by families just like yours.  It lights my heart knowing I can have a flexible schedule pursuing my dreams while helping your children pursue theirs.  If you are looking for help of any kind, let  THEBACKSTORY guide you.  We are all in this together!



"Brittany is not only hilarious, but also extremely compassionate, supportive, and respectful of your needs and expectations. Safety is her number one priority and she has never fallen short of her promises in the many days I have stayed with her. She is a joy to be around and does exactly what she says she will, and never anything less." - Emily Tooraen


"We met Brittany a year ago through Mrs Kern.
She has been helping me with my son Andy, taking him to auditions and recordings, and also he has stayed with her when I had to go back home.
Brittany is a very mature young lady, with a huge sense of responsability with the kids she takes care off. She's even more responsible than myself! She sees to it that he finishes his homework,  practices his auditions, and much more.


Brittany not only takes care of my son, she's also a good friend, even though there is an age gap between both of us.
She's funny, easy going, very organized and responsible.
You will love her as well as we do!"

                                                           - Gaby Chacon-Aragon

"Britt is the person you want involved with your child and your family in the jungle of Los Angeles/Hollywood!  The love and protection she demonstrates while caring for my son is truly undeniable.  She is ultra organized and her attention to detail is phenomenal.  Never is there a doubt in my mind when my son stays overnight with Britt or she has him for the afternoon, that he is in the MOST competent of nanny's hands here in Los Angeles.  You can trust Britt with anything from running errands, to getting your child to an audition, to tucking your child into bed.  We have known Britt for over 2 1/2 years and my son says she is like the big sister he never had.  Britt is a caregiver, big sister, and friend all rolled into one amazing nanny.  I can't say enough wonderful things about Britt in a small testimonial...just believe me when I say that you and your family will love her and trust her the moment you meet her."

- Whitney Overton (mother of child Actor


"It's hard enough chasing your dreams, but being away from home is even harder. I was so thankful having Britt run me around to my auditions and being my guardian/sister. I have grown so much; especially as an actor. It was great and I always felt safe! Love you Britt!"


                -Julia Kern

"Britt has worked full-time for me for over a year as my daughter's guardian.  She is a rare treasure!  She has become my friend and is like a daughter to me.  Britt is truly an amazing 25-year old.  She is organized, reliable, trustworthy, beautiful and FUN!  She has helped to raise my daughter when I couldn't be there.  Not once did I ever feel uncomfortable or even sad leaving my 15-year old daughter with her.  They have actually attended acting classes together and often help each other read and tape auditions.  My husband and son live in Iowa, so frankly, my daughter would not have been able to stay in LA for the past year had it not been for Britt.  She is a blessing to our family and I foresee a lifelong relationship with her.  I don't want to "give her up", but realize the world will be a better place if I share her."

- Christina Kern

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